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I'm Izzy. Welcome to my blog of inspiration. Here you'll find everything that inspires me, such as games, music, artwork and other cool things.I dont post my art here anymore, find the link to my art blog to the right! I also tend to post what im feeling too so there you know what you're gettin' into. FMA, Owl City and Zelda are my three obsessions. But of course I love a lot of other things too..!  DNA strands

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Game Grumps: Battle kid finale

This episode has to be up there with my other favorite episodes. Arin absolutely loses his shit and it’s the best thing ever. I had to comic it. Arin you’re amazing. 

I have a second part of this comic on the way, look out for it XP


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My first vine

❝ ..because I’m allergic to FUCK!! ❞

- Arin Hanson




For the colour palette meme thats been going around! 

Thought you guys at FYL would appreciate it! Link ftw!

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woop thank you for the post :D


its a golden rule in gravity falls


I’m jealous of girls that are super gorgeous. The ones that everyone always wants to be around, the friend everyone wants to have. The one that everyone looks at and thinks “damn she’s beautiful.” The ones that have a naturally cute laugh, a perfect smile, the ones with cute clothes and that look perfect all the time.


I can’t Inktober very much but here are some L…inks AHA..hAH!


i felt like drawing a lot of sassy mario 3d world arin…



Can we please just all take a moment and think about how snails are the cUTEST FUCKING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. HOLY SHIT.

march of the noot noots



I’m so ready for Wii U zelda, all I need now is a Wii U. 

Oh this is for Arcade Con this weekend, come drop by!

i drew some wii u link

woh those notes