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I'm Izzy. Welcome to my blog of inspiration. Here you'll find everything that inspires me, such as games, music, artwork and other cool things. I also tend to post what im feeling too so there you know what you're gettin' into. FMA, Owl City and Zelda are my three obsessions. But my fave fandoms expand even bigger! For the curious, selfies are tagged as "me".  DNA strands

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Snap snap!

this would be fabulous on a shirt wow 


I tried a new brush and I really enjoy it.

here have the first simple pic, I’ll be drawing more using it.

such a great texture.


Me when I listen to music 100%

So my mom and I have been working on some burning man costume stuff for a while.
My mums horns are small and upturned and gold. So cute! I wanted some darker more streamlined ones so this is what happened!

Of course these are still in work in progress stage, the tips need to be fixed and the bases need to be organised.
Thought I’d show them to you guys anyway!

Ugh my face is so fat, jeez. Wish I didnt have such a square head.


A Japanese warplane Second World War lies wrecked in shallow water off Guam in a photograph which won Tony Cherbas second in the Topside category. (via)



This was really fun to chop up an bring to life! Take a closer look and a peek at the coloring process over on my Behance portfolio



Iron Artist Commissions: Open!

Tidied shaded sketches.

Hey everybody, since I’m constantly struggling for food (rent and bills take most of my earnings away :[ and art is the only thing keeping me alive) I need to open an Iron Artist sort of thing.

(Also I did this using an old bamboo tablet after using my Cintiq for a long time, this example is a bit more wobbly than the real ones will be as im not used to this tablet, i just cant afford to wait until im at my cintiq as time is money for me :( But I wont be using the bamboo tablet at all after this, I just forgot to bring my cintiqs cable T_T )

These are tidied shaded sketches.

Round 1 is open and there are 15 slots in round one.
The round will close when all 15 slots are taken.
Shaded tidied sketches like these are going for €30 
I can do unshaded ones for €23

Please be ready to pay up front with Paypal only
Extra character is 50% of the price.

I charge extra for the following:
-Complex markings
-Complex costumes

Feel free to choose a theme to have for your character. If you’re totally stumped try some of these:

- Lacy Lingerie + €10
- Zombie Apocalypse (either a zombie or ready to fight em!) + €10 -15
- Femme Fatale +€10
- With a prop of your choice (€8 -10 depends on what prop is )
- Cosplay = €10-15 (depends on complexity)

I will do ferals/dragons what have you, but their price range is depended on how complex they are <3 Do send me their refs first.

etc I can come up with more if you’re really stuck or I can just surprise you.

If you’re interested please email me (NeonTwilight AT live DOT com )with the form filled out for easy communication :)

  1. Paypal Address: 
  2. Name: 
  3. Age:
  4. Gender: 
  5. Height: 
  6. Race|Species:
  7. Personality: (please keep short and sweet)
  8. Piercings|Tattoos|Scars:
  9. Theme chosen:
  10. Character Image Reference: 
  11. Preferred image type: (Clean or mature) (Do keep in mind I dont draw genitals. nipples are ok though)


"I saved you back then, didn’t I?"

"I don’t know."